Why use an ozone system?

The ozone machines to purify air fulfil a wide number of functions, which can be very beneficial for the health. Disinfection and deodorization in vehilces and upholstery procen to be beneficial due to low time for treatment (2 to 10 min) and effectivness in unaccessible areas.In water it accomplishes similar functions. These functions are:

  • Thoroughly cleans the air in the interior areas of our premises and frees it from any type of pollen, dust, toxic particles and harmful gases.
  • Suppresses bad food odours and tobacco smoke.
  • Eliminate air germs, bacteria, viruses and any other particles that can be spread through the air.
  • Increases the proportion of oxygen in disinfected spaces.
  • Creates negative ions that improve air quality and generate cleaner, fresher air.

What machines should we use?


It is a generator with low production and concentration of ozone. The equipment has 8 programs (from low to high intensity) for treatments with people, and 2 other programs for shock treatments without people, also with different intensities.

GP Cannon Series

The GP portable ozone cannon is used for shock treatment for the disinfection of common spaces. It is recommended to be used without the presence of people.


Hydro3 is an ozone machine for water. Thanks to Hydro3 the use of cleaning chemicals is reduced by 90%, eliminating plastic.

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