Why install it on my business?

Ozone, also called "active oxygen", is the most effective tool that exists in nature to purify the air we breathe. In the environment, it is usually produced during storms by the electrical discharges, hence that fresh and clean smell is produced during storms. Currently, technology has made it possible to have this disinfection system in our stores, salons, gyms and fitness spaces, esteticien shops and more, increasing air quality and health. Our ozone air purifiers keep all areas of free of odours, bacteria, viruses and other types of impurities in the air.

Retail space/ Main space: The use of ozone in the main areas, where we will encounter most of our customers, ill substantially reduce the risk of disease transmission. Ozone will remove any unwanted smell from the premisses, giving the space always a “just cleaned” feeling. Spores and other allergens will be eliminated from the air, make customers with allergies feel better.

Barber shop and hair salon: Purifies the air removing all volatile organic compounds (VOC). Eliminates germs and other pathogens. Constant renovation of the air, increasing disinfection and reducing harmful microorganisms.

Gyms and fitness: Sweat smell is hard to control in contained areas where a number of people is exercising. Ozone can automatically solve this problem, increasing the overall happiness of customers and employees. Because ozone is a powerful disinfectant, air, equipment and surfaces can continuously be disinfected reducing disease transmission. Life span of ozone is short, therefore when it dissipates it returns back to oxygen, increasing the oxygenation of rooms.

Restroom, changing rooms and toilets:Bad odours are frequent in these areas, due to sweat, depositions or even sewage smell coming from the drains. Ozone, in opposition to other products, doesn’t mask these smells, it completely eliminates the bacteria or other sources of it creating a fresh and clean air.

Chlorine has traditionally been used to disinfect swimming pools. Currently ozone pools are the solution, since they eliminate many of the disadvantages of chlorine. At Ozonium you will only find the best and most prestigious brands in the sector.

Ozone benefits:

  • Thoroughly cleans the air in the interior areas of our premises and frees it from any type of pollen, dust, toxic particles and harmful gases.
  • Suppresses bad food odours, sweat, sewage and tobacco smoke.
  • Eliminate air germs, bacteria, viruses and any other particles that can be spread through the air.
  • Increases the proportion of oxygen in disinfected spaces.
  • Creates negative ions that improve air quality and generate cleaner, fresher air.
  • Easy to use and easly automated.
  • Affordable and ecological way of disinfection.
  • Easy to instal and low maintenance.

What machines should we use?

  • All
  • Air treatments
  • Water Treatments


It is a generator with low production and concentration of ozone. The equipment has 8 programs (from low to high intensity) for treatments with people, and 2 other programs for shock treatments without people, also with different intensities.

GP Cannon Series

The GP portable ozone cannon is used for shock treatment for the disinfection of common spaces. It is recommended to be used without the presence of people.


Hydro3 is an ozone machine for water. Thanks to Hydro3 the use of cleaning chemicals is reduced by 90%, eliminating plastic.


Gz is a complete ozone generator with high frequency ceramic core which can be regulated up to 15g/h. It has been designed to perform disinfection and deodorization process in air. It has a extremely powerful bactericide, germicide and deodorizing power. Making it a very powerful tool.