Why install an ozone system?

The food and beverage industry faces a number of challenges to move towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly production. This includes, among other things, reducing the use of chemicals, water consumption and conserving energy. Ozonium takes part in these advances by offering innovative technology that can reduce the ecological footprint while at the same time improving profitability and product quality.

Fruit and vegetable washing:The usage of ozonated water to clean vegetables and fruits is extemly benefitial for the producer and the end user since there is no need of chlorin or hot water that the product might absorb in the process. It also reduces the microorganism count, making ith extend the shelf life.

Beverages:The usage of ozonated water to clean tanks and bottling lines. Reducing traditional CIP chemical need, hot water (electricity) consumption and time. Increased production and profitability.

Meat producers:The quality of a perishable product can be conditionated by santination of the premises during the manupulation, packing and storaging process. Ozone can be used to decrease bacterial count and other harmful organisms for the product.

Ozone is the most efficient disinfection agent available and replaces traditional chemicals such as hypochlorite, peracetic acid (PAA) and hydrogen peroxide. Ozone is produced in-situ and on demand only and utilizes oxygen as its only raw material. After use it quickly and naturally decomposes into oxygen, leaving no chemical byproducts. With ozone you can achieve:

  • Reducing energy costs.
  • Handling, storage and administration of chemicals in cleaning and disinfection.
  • Prolonging the brewing equipment life time.
  • Reduce production down-time.
  • Minimizing water consumption.

What machines should we use?

For industrial size machines we recommend that you contact us directly. We will personalize our equipment to your needs. Our manufacture engenieering team will evaluate the facilities and draft a porject proposal to match exactly your needs to obtain an optimal result.

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