What does an ozone air system for car washes and gas stations?

Ozone is, both in water and air a powerful disinfectant, bactericide, virucide, and fungicide. The main applications of ozone are for disinfection, deodorization of the environment and for the treatment and purification of water. With this, the elimination of pathogenic micro-organisms and bad odours is achieved. Ozone accomplishes these functions:

  • Thoroughly cleans the air in the interior areas of the vehicles and frees it from any type of pollen, dust, toxic particles and harmful gases.
  • Suppresses bad food odours and tobacco smoke.
  • Eliminate air germs, bacteria, viruses and any other particles that can be spread through the air.
  • Increases the proportion of oxygen in disinfected spaces.
  • Creates negative ions that improve air quality and generate cleaner, fresher air.
  • Disinfects vehicle's surfaces.
  • Replaces chemicals for cleaning of cars.

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What machines should we use?

  • All
  • Air treatments
  • Water Treatments


Gz is a complete ozone generator with high frequency ceramic core which can be regulated up to 15g/h. It has been designed to perform disinfection and deodorization process in air. It has a extremely powerful bactericide, germicide and deodorizing power. Making it a very powerful tool.

GP Cannon Series

The GP portable ozone cannon is used for shock treatment for the disinfection of common spaces. It is recommended to be used without the presence of people.

GZ Bubble

The ozone water system for gas stations is the best next generation washing system. It follows a motto of sensitivity to the environment, it is the most effective system to wash and sterilize with water, which incorporates the exclusive technology and action of active oxygen. Magnetizer as a pre-filter to create advanced oxidants to soften water, break down dirt and disinfect.

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