Why install an ozone system?

At Ozonium we understand how important water and ambient air can be for a business to be profitable. Ozonating wate can increase yield by reducing contamination of crops, pipelines and premises.

Irrigation: The professional ozone system for in-line irrigation allows irrigation water to be treated by in-line pressurization. It is perfect for drip irrigation and medium flow sprinkling, in the field or greenhouse. Ozone is an ecological disinfectant solution for agricultural soils. It is a product of nature that does not pollute. With the ozonation of irrigation water online and a certain level of redox (eV) we achieve the best disinfection results and quality of the agricultural product.

Hydroponic crops: As in traditional farming, the water quality is a main factor to take into consideration to keep crops healty and profitable.

Aquaculture: Fish farming, both in sea and fresh water, require an extensive control of the quality of the water. Deterioration of water can lead to loses. Ozone will provide ideal conditions for the pools to flourish, keeping optimal water quality at all times. Ozone systems provide clean, transparent, oxygenated and harmful organisms free water.

Horse stables: Air quality in stables is an important factor in the horses' health and stress levels. Thanks to the deodorizing power of ozone we can eliminate the particles and bacteria that cause this smells, like the ones from stools and urine. Odour is not the only problem, this odours can attract insects, that are leading cause of diseases in horses. We can use ozone as a barrier to keep this unwanted visitors and its diseases (like Equine infectious anemia, bacillus anthracis or equine encephalomyelitis) away.

Animal husbandry: Ozonated egg-laying areas, or chicken farms, eliminates pathogens from the environment, reducing the incidence of diseases (like Fowl cholera, Fowlpox, Metasalmonelosis, Avian influenza, Staphylococcus and more). The strong smell of these facilities disappears and oxygenates and purifies the air. Ozone plays a very important role due to is disinfection and deodorization power of air and water. It increases the oxygen in the area treated.

Ozone is the most efficient disinfection agent available and replaces traditional chemicals such as hypochlorite, peracetic acid (PAA) and hydrogen peroxide. Ozone is produced in-situ and on demand only and utilizes oxygen as its only raw material. After use it quickly and naturally decomposes into oxygen, leaving no chemical byproducts. With ozone you can benefit:

  • Increasing Redox potential in water.
  • Reducing harmful organisms in water and piplines.
  • Increasing water overall quality.
  • Reduce potential diseases in water and air.
  • Higher yield with stronger roots.
  • Increased crop overall quality.
  • Re-use of waste water for irrigation and feeding.
  • Cleaner drinking water.

What machines should we use?

For agricultural or husbandry machines we recommend that you contact us directly. We will personalize our equipment to your needs. Our manufacture engenieering team will evaluate the facilities and draft a porject proposal to match exactly your needs to obtain an optimal result.

Please, use the form below or any of the other contact details in the "Contact Us" section to get in touch with us. One of our personnel will get back to you as soon as possible.