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Beer line cleaning made safe and ecologic. Avoid getting accidents related with chemicals and save money along the way. We help you track and control your, or your customer's, cleaning standards.


Maximize time & money

Clean the lines in less than 20 minutes. 90% less wasted beer. Minimal manpower use. Save 100% in chemical costs.

employee safety

Safe for everyone

ZERO staff accidents. No chemicals end up in the beer, protecting customers and business from lawsuits.

enviromentally friendly

Protect the environment

Ozonated water doesn't pollute the water, nor the environment. Ozone reverts back to oxygen.

An ozone system to replace outdated chemical cleaning

Reduce the headache of beer line cleaning, with our patented system. Our semi-automatic solution speed up the cleaning task, reduce any potencial danger for your employess and removes the potential legal consequences of chemicals reaching customer's beer. Make your business more enviromentally friendly, while reducing your costs.

Ozonebeer Saas

Ensure that regular cleaning is happening and done correctly

  • Ensure the beer lines are kept in optimal hygiene conditions
  • Communicate with your staff or clients about cleaning schedules
  • Get monthly reports on the beer line cleaning activites

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Get to know how our solutions can make your business more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly.

  • Reduce your cost on a monthly basis with Ozonebeer
  • Take care of your employees' safety at the workplace
  • Protect the environment by eliminating chemicals
  • Save precious time and use it for other tasks or rest
  • Keep track of the hygiene of your beer lines via App
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How does Ozonebeer works?

This video will show you how is being used by one of our Major Customers and will help you understand how simple it is to use for any member of the staff.




We are super happy with the results! We have reduce the amounts of chemicals that we use and still keep the same, if not better, level of hygiene in our restaurant.

Marko - Ravintola Kajo


Otsoni water its so good!!! Some people might be skeptical about ozone but we have been very satisfied. Ozone and micro fiber cloth and the kitchen and all surfaces are shining

Kikka - Ravintola Paakari


We have been using Ozonium service for about 18 months now and we have been really happy with it. It has saved us time and made us safer. We own 4 devices in our restaurants. Including 2 Ozonebeers

Sami - Gastropub Tuulensuu

About The Team

Meet our team of young and talented professionals that are making the revolution of beverage dispensing devices cleaning TODAY


Íñigo Echeverría

Co-founder & CEO

Reyver Serna

Reyver Serna

Co-Founder & COO

Alberto Garcia

Alberto García

Co-founder & CFO


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